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MP3Organizer is designed to organize your MP3-collection. It gets the songinformation from the MP3-Files and its ID3-Tags or the filenames and stores it in a mysql-database. Easily you can search for files by artist, title, album, etc. and create playlists.



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Installation and Configuration:

Follow the instructions in INSTALL.


If you haven't access to a mysql-database, please install one. At the moment mp3organizer only works with a local database. Starting MP3Organizer the first time, it will ask you for connection parameters. In the dialog select create database and enter the username and password for a user which is allowed to create and drop databases on the left side (in most cases root and no password). On the right side enter the access information MP3Organizer will use to connect the database. If you create a new database, you can choose free what to enter.


You must create a directory for MP3Organizer to store its playlists in. This directory must not contain any other files than it creates itself. Enter the empty directory-path in the configuration dialog in the playlist-path field.

MP3Organizer should work, now. At the moment there are a still many bugs but this is only a preview release!


22.04.2000 : V0.2-pre2 Some bigger bugs fixed

14.04.2000 : V0.2-pre Completely reprogrammed pre-release of MP3Organizer supporting KDE 2 and QT 2.2

14.09.2000 : V0.1-beta2

23.07.2000: V 0.1beta
01.07.2000: V 0.1alpha3

01.07.2000: V 0.1alpha2

15.06.2000: Released V 0.1alpha


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